Episode 3 - Time to Be Selfish

Episode 3: Time to Be Selfish

Dr. Kimberly Miller has a newsflash: It's tough to save the rest of the world when your own life and health are falling to pieces. Those in public safety often think about everyone else first—the public, their families—but neglect themselves in the process. Tune in to get some tips on how you might live a little longer, and better, while still devoting yourself to your career. She's got sound advice no matter what your profession.

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Episode 2 - How to Speak Millennial

Episode 2: How to Speak Millennial

Are you an old and grizzled vet who has to work hard not to regularly backhand the millennials in your department? Are you a young whipper-snapper who spends a great deal of energy trying not to sound patronizing to out-of-touch pre-retirees who think you’re sooooo entitled? Dr. Jim DeLung has some perspective to lend. About this and a lot of other issues: leadership, training and more.

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Episode 1 - The Power of a Cup of Joe

Episode 1: The Power of a Cup of Joe

What’s the best way for police to engage with the community? There may not be one simple answer to that question, but Sgt. Cognac of the Hawthorn, CA police department has a few tips he’s learned from his own experiences along the way. In this episode, you’ll learn about the inception of the now international Coffee with a Cop program…and hear what hanging out with Antony Bourdain on the set of the Food Network was like.

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