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Join us in Scottsdale, AZ - June 5-8, 2018

Optional Axon Certification

June 7th, 2018 - 8:00AM-5:00PM

The Axon team is excited to present a redesigned certification experience in 2018. The goal of this certification is to provide an immersive overview of our body-worn cameras (BWCs), mobile applications, and evidence management software (

Program attendees will have access to online courses 30 days in advance of our one-day hands-on event at Axon Accelerate. Prior to coming on-site, students will develop their knowledge and understanding of Axon systems, and will be able to engage with Axon instructors through virtual trainings and office hours. In June, students will come together to practice new skills, participate in workshops, and connect with fellow trainees. We look forward to seeing you there!


Certification Topics

Redaction (2 hours)

Hone your redaction skills using Axon’s Redaction Studio. In this session, we’ll be covering redaction tools and best practices, including: smart and manual features, levels of blur in both audio and video, parent/child video relationships, and how to redact outside of

Case Sharing (30 minutes)

In this session you’ll learn how to create and view a case, and how to share with a partner agency. You will have the opportunity to practice case sharing and have your questions answered on-site.

Body 2 & Flex 2 (Online)

Become an expert at using your Axon Body 2 and Axon Flex 2 camera, including setup, installation, deployment, and how to dock, charge, and upload all video files to

Mobile Applications (Online)

We will cover the basics of Axon Capture (including Axon Citizen), Axon Device Manager, and Axon View.

Body-Worn Camera Docks (Online)

Learn how to troubleshoot, create custom configurations, and register your dock. Admin Settings (30 Minutes)

Become an expert on user administration in such as creation, management, and auditing of* *users. The session will explore device administration and asset management topics such as: adding, assigning, and auditing devices/users, as well as reporting.

Audit Trails (30 Minutes)

In this session you will learn about audit trails at the User, Device, Evidence, and Agency levels, and how to interpret data in an audit trail report.

Courtroom Testifying Role Play (1.25 Hours)

This session will cover security of devices,, and evidentiary content you may need when you* *testify. You will learn best practices for how to discuss video evidence and participate in a group discussion led by Axon experts and observe a mock trial.

Labs (TBD)

Get a visual walk through and hands-on experience with our Body 2, Flex 2, Signal Sidearm, Mobile Applications, Interview Room, and Fleet.


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