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Connecting people, technology & training in public safety


Axon Accelerate brings together the best and brightest in public safety and beyond from around the world to explore the challenges you face every day. Accelerate is a symposium of thought-leadership blended with hands-on training. A place to network with peers and learn from experts. A place to find out what’s on the horizon for law enforcement.


Thanks for making Accelerate 2018 incredible!

Join us next year: April 30 - May 2, 2019


2018 Speaker Highlight


Keynote: Peyton Manning

Two-Time Super Bowl-Winning Quarterback & Five-Time NFL MVP

The goal of Accelerate is to help you and your team perform at your peak. And no one knows how to do that better than legendary quarterback Peyton Manning  — which is why we're excited that he'll be one of our featured keynote speakers at this year's user conference.

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2018 Session Highlight


Session: Innovation Workshop

Law Enforcement Innovation Workshop led by Google's Chris McQueen

Re-imagine law enforcement in this fun, high-speed innovation session with a diverse group of passionate collaborators. You'll be collaborating with peers to identify and propose solutions to some of the greatest problems facing police today.

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What's on tap for Accelerate 2018

With the advent of new technologies, policing is rapidly evolving. Accelerate gives you the info you need to keep up—and get ahead. Whether you’re a chief at the helm of a large department, a line officer looking to advance, a seasoned trainer, a Chief Information Officer or a busy prosecutor, Accelerate will give you the fuel to do what you do even better.



Axon AI: What Machine Learning Can Do For You

AI and machine learning are hot topics right now, but what do they mean for you? Join LAPD and Axon's AI team to discuss the newest developments in AI and machine learning, how they can increase your agency’s efficiency, and how to keep your officers focused on their jobs. During this fireside chat, you’ll learn what is currently working and what the future holds for both large and small agencies.

Presented by Sgt. Daniel Gomez, LADP and Erin Fleischli, Axon


Compliance and Auditing Cameras at your Agency

Policy compliance is a big issue, and it’s better to be prepared rather than play catch up. Ensure your body-worn cameras are being utilized in accordance with company policy prior to deployment. Join us for a discussion on: Who ensure policy compliance? How can technology help? How does an agency audit recordings?

Presented by Captain Dan Zehnder, Las Vegas Metro PD


Fighting Domestic Violence with Body-Worn Cameras; Queensland Police Service

Research has shown that 1 in 4 women in Australia have experienced physical or sexual violence from a partner while in a relationship. While law enforcement agencies across Australia respond to 5,000 domestic and family violence per week, most abuse is under reported and under-prosecuted. To combat this pressing issue, the Queensland Police Service created a Domestic Violence Task Force supported by body-worn cameras. Come and hear how successful this Accelerated evidence trial was and how QPS was able to increase charges related to arrests and convictions.

Presented by Detective Inspector, Mark Hogan, Queensland Police Service

Best Practices in Recruitment and Retention

Law enforcement is challenged by the public's opinions of them both good and bad—making recruiting new talent and keeping the best a huge task. During this session, a panel of Chiefs provides insights on what's worked for their agencies and how they've motivated new talent to stick around.

Presented by Dr. Jim Delung, Sean Smoot, Dr. Kimberly Miller, Anthony Guglielmi, Chicago PD, and Major LJ Rosco, DeKalb County


Deep Dive into Pulse Graphs on Smart Weapons

What are pulse graphs and how can they help your agency? Find out when Axon's Technical Compliance Manager walks through what pulse graphs show and how they work with your logs. You will dive into specific examples and scenarios and discover what the graphs look like.

Presented by Bryan Chiles, Axon


Artificial Intelligence: What this means for our Futures

Most AI researchers believe that the first machine with human-level cognition may be created this century. If and when that happens, it will be closely followed by the arrival of the world’s first super-intelligence, and humans will become the second smartest species on the planet. Some decades before then, intelligent machines may well render most humans unemployable. Perhaps surprisingly, this could be a very good thing. The consequences of human-level artificial intelligence (artificial general intelligence or AGI) would be astonishing. The consequences of technological unemployment, if it happens, will also be profound. Calum believes the outcomes can be wonderful for us – but only if we rise to the challenges they present.

Presented by Calum Chace


This was a great conference. The available workshops were absolutely relevant to the state of law enforcement and growth towards a safer environment and solid policing practices. Thank you!

- 2017 Attendee